BM2512-R Mobile screener
BM2512-R Mobile screener
BM2512-R Mobile screener


Max.80 m³/hour


Grid or diesel generator


2.5 x 1.25 m / 2 Decks (8′ 3″ – 4′ 1″)


Double-Deck Screen


9500 kg

BM2512-R Mobile Screener

BM2512-R is a mobile screening plant that is useful for different sectors and offers the advantages of being a double-deck screen that works with forced vibration. Ballast, coal, aggregate, turf, soil, sand, construction waste, recycling, agricultural products etc. can be sieved with BM2512-R. It can move, be easily set up, be used with a single person, and provides optimum performance. All equipment that allows being trailed behind a vehicle at a speed of 80 km within the legal limits is standard on the machine. By preventing the entrance of coarse materials that are subjected to pre-separation into the screen with the slope adjustable bunker grid, it adds an additional sieving property to its separation of materials into three different grades. Hydraulic foldable conveyor belts enable the facility to be set up in a short time such as 15 minutes and to be gathered at the end of the work, allowing easy and rapid location change and being ready for any task at different places and times.

In Evortle System, the balance is ensured through the help of pivot, so, it does not need weight reinforcement and even if there is a lot of material on screen, fainting and clogging do not occur.

This mobile screening plant can be used with a track system to access terrain areas (ST 2512).

The BM2512-R is your unique, easy-to-use, low-cost assistant in your business.