The projects according to customer requirements are evaluated by technical team of Beyer Machinery and manufactured as special products. In this situation, the necessity of customer-oriented manufacturing policy, customer gets the highest benefit and capacity with the difference of Beyer.

BEYER means…

Experience. As a foreign capital company established in 1988 in Ankara, completely taken over by Turkish businessmen in 2009, the experience and knowledge gained from abroad shifted to domestic sector in Turkey to maintain its position as a leading company.

Strategy. It manufactures world-class mobile crushing, screening and padding plants and stationary and telescopic conveyors in its own facilities, with Turkish engineers and workmanship. Having gained the trust of the public and private sectors and taking care of their needs, our products are included in the supply chains of all sectors.

Planning. Contributing positively to the economy and fulfilling the needs of the domestic market, it also exports most of its production to European, American, Asian and African countries.

Technology. It constantly renews itself and its products, produces R&D and innovation projects that have the potential to grow and create value, and realize them with its own resources.

Produce. Adopting the principle of growth and development and facilitating its access to quality and technology, our company contributes to the needs of its customers with project-specific solutions.

Satisfaction and Trust. Having a reputation with its customer-oriented production policy, quality products, aesthetic designs and efficient after-sales services, and with its high-capacity products offered to its customers, Our Company has a trusted and demanding brand in the manufacturing of screening, crushing and padding plants.

CEO & Founder


Our machines provide effective recycling. In this way, it protects our world and supports a sustainable future.


With its low consumption, low cost and easy portable features, it saves you time and protects your money


Thanks to its powerful technical features, it can easily do your most difficult tasks

Customer gets the highest benefit and capacity with the difference of Beyer.